Monday, May 12, 2008

Migrante protests tax duty

The Arroyo government is under fire again. This time it is the impending documentary stamp tax (DST) which has caused massive furore. Migrante, an alliance of overseas Filipino workers’ organisation is accusing the government of burdening the OFWs and their families by imposing this tax.

The tax which is in the eye of the storm is expected to be tabled soon and once that happens the OFWs fear that it will be imposed on all international transfers. Migrante fears that the imposition will be equivalent to 0.15% of the remitted amount. In a situation when most OFWs are earning anything between US $250 to US $400 monthly the tax would certainly break their backs.

Migrante says that the OFWs are already finding it diffcult to sustain in the times of economic crisis and soaring food prices and the government instead of taking corrective measures is doing little to help them. The mood is certainly not good and the Arroyo government needs to take notice.

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