Wednesday, May 7, 2008

“No Remittance”

It seems like the Arroyo government is finding it increasingly difficult to win the confidence of the Overseas Filippino Workers (OFWs) and the locals. The preventive measures aimed at providing relaxation to millions of remitters working abroad have backfired and the OFWs are not in a mood to wait and watch. They have come up with the “no remittance day” campaign to protest against their own government which is under severe attack from almost all quarters.

Migrante International has been in the top league while protesting against the government. It issued a directive some time back to all its affiliates and chapters to go all the way for the “zero remittance” day at least once a month to mark a protest against the government.

The campaign was launched on March 2, the day when most OFWs were supposed to remit their money. The organisation has been quite vocal in its dissent over the policies of the government it calls corrupt. They demand the removal of President Arroyo who has been a target of a lot of criticism.

The robust remittance received from the OFWs led to tremendous economic growth in Philippines last year, but with the tides of economic prosperity turning against the country, the anti-government move has grown quite rapidly. The government has realised the potential dangers from such movements and has appealed from immediate withdrawal but the Migrante International so far has not thought of backing out.


loveyn said...

Haven't done much of blog hopping lately. I missed the "No Remittance" that was launched on March 2. A good idea that should be hyped up by the blogspere. Its about time something has to be done.

Remitter said...

Thanks Loveyn for your comments. I agree the blogosphere must raise serious issues like these to create awareness and unity.